Deutschland: Das Lernen in der Schule von Angesicht zu Angesicht wird nicht so schnell erwartet

Lars Klingbeil from the Social Democratic Party of Germany has suggested that working parents with young children who need a daycare center during the COVID lockdown must be given paid leave from their employers.

With the German authorities expected to extend the coronavirus lockdown by at least three more weeks, the country’s Social Democrats have demanded that parents who need a daycare for their children must be given paid leave.

„Companies should give their parents paid leave from work,“ said SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil on Sunday to Bild Live.

Klingbeil said his proposal made perfect sense as schools and daycare centers remained closed after the Christmas break.

The Socialist said there was evidence that schools could be a source of COVID-19 infections. „It should be made clear whether face-to-face tuition is possible again from first to sixth grades and in final grades,“ he added.

German health officials said the country registered 10,315 new coronavirus infections and 312 deaths in the past 24 hours on Sunday.

Step by step normality

Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek of the Christian Democratic Union Party believes that a quick return to face-to-face classes is unlikely for all students, adding that the coronavirus infection rate in the country is „still worryingly high“.

„A complete return to face-to-face teaching in all classes is therefore currently inconceivable,“ she emphasized.

Karliczek said that if face-to-face lessons were to take place, „at best, it would be done in strict compliance with hygiene rules, including wearing masks“.

„In any case, it is better to act cautiously than at some point not to allow classes at all due to an even worse situation,“ said the CDU politician, adding that the situation will remain difficult in the coming weeks.

„I think that this year we will gradually return to normal – in schools and other educational institutions.“

Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold a consultation meeting with federal leaders on Tuesday to discuss how to deal with the ongoing lockdown.